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– different types, thickness, FSC® C 150230 certified


– different types, thickness

Re-board BEELite
Composite materials

– DISPA, FoamX, Forex, Smartex etc.

Using LED lighting

Cooling cardboard rack

The rack consists of a refrigeration unit and cardboard branding. It can have an individual design and construction according to the different products of each client and their load capacity, as well as a large advertising area for the current client’s campaign.

Among the advantages of the rack are the convenient carrying in each car, as well as the fast assembly in the commercial sites. Lighting and sound effects can be built in as an additional option to enrich the look of the rack.

Each rack is individually packed in a box with assembly instructions.

The refrigeration unit, which is placed in the cardboard rack, will be rented by DIMEкo MZ OOD, and the main investment for the client will be in the production of the cardboard rack. DIMEкo MZ Ltd. is also responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the refrigeration unit.

It can be used repeatedly for different campaigns, changing only the rack and this makes the customer’s promotion different and new every time. This is the main difference that the new project of DIMEкo MZ Ltd. imposes – without closing funds for the purchase of standard refrigerated display cases, which cost many times more and do not allow innovative and different design and vision.

To place an order for the manufacture of such a rack will not require a minimum quantity. For additional information about the project you can see a video that shows how to deliver, assemble and place the cooling cardboard rack in a retail chain, which has a small area and space for advertising racks.

The video was shot in real conditions:

Advertising video for assembling the cooling cardboard rack:


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